NIGHT FLIGHT: Amelia Earhart Crosses the Atlantic

by Robert Burleigh

From PUBLISHERS WEEKLY - starred review

"A gripping narrative and dynamic art immediately pull readers into the story of Earhart's historic 1932 solo transatlantic flight. Urgent yet lyrical, Burleigh's account opens with Earhart's takeoff... A clear sky darkens as a storm erupts and lightning 'scribbles its zigzag warning across the sky: danger.' Minor's gouache and watercolor paintings easily convey the journey's intense drama, balancing lifelike closeups of Earhart with images of her imperiled plane. Stunning skyscapes are suffused with shadow and light; a breathtaking spread reveals streaks of multicolored clouds at daybreak as 'Splinters of sunlight stab down through cloud slits and brace themselves on the vault of the open sea." Hearts will be racing. Back matter includes notes on Earhart's life.

From BOOKLIST - starred review

“Burleigh’s story concentrates on Earhart’s 1932 solo flight … placing compelling poetic emphasis on her single-hearted struggle. “Why? Because ‘women must try to do things as men have tried.’”… Predominant reds and blues convey the pure excitement of the nail-biting journey. An afterword, along with Internet resources, a bibliography, and a column of Earhart quotes, increases the book’s value for curious children who might want more. Finally, Minor’s endpapers, with a well-drawn map and mechanical illustration of the plane Earhart called the “little red bus,” also work to inspire further learning.”


“This gorgeous book presents a lyrical account of Amelia Earhart’s… transatlantic flight, taking readers from the runway at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland… through an initially calm and eventually harrowing flight in which weather and equipment failure almost condemn Amelia’s small craft to the dark waters of the Atlantic, to daybreak and a safe landing in a pasture in Ireland. Burleigh’s skillful poetic language offers a gripping account that allows readers to connect with both the risk and reward of Amelia’s journey… Minor’s gouache-and-watercolor illustrations, richly textured and realistic, contribute greatly to the overall power and emotional impact of the story.”


“Burleigh’s suspenseful text and Minor’s shifting perspectives work in tandem to pull readers into the drama as they experience the anxiety and exhilaration that accompanied this historic flight. …the language is fresh and evocative, morphing to match the mood–by turns terse, lyrical, relentless. Minor’s gouache and watercolor scenes pull back from intense close-ups and cockpit perspectives to sweeping panoramic vistas, his fluid brushwork a perfect match for a tale of sea and sky. This book will encourage children to consider the inner resources required to undertake such a feat….”

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