Red Fox Running


by Jean Craighead George


Naturalist writer Jean Craighead George has crafted a moving contemporary tale that highlights the importance of coexistence between humans and animals for survival on our warming planet.  Acclaimed artist Wendell Minor’s lush, realistic paintings bring to life the beauty and fragility of the Arctic and the lives of those people and animals who call it home. THE LAST POLAR BEAR reminds readers that awareness and conservation are causes to support, a message that parents and children alike will embrace.


Sacramento Book Review:
The Last Polar Bear
By Jean Craighead George

HarperCollins, $16.99, 37 pages
Global warming is a reality and, though it might be a heavy topic that most parents aren’t quite ready to explain with children in the age range this book is intended for (4-7), as responsible adults, starting early could be the key to saving the planet. Educating our children at a young age that every action carries a much more long-term impact on our world than what is obvious in the moment. The Last Polar Beartells the story of Tigluk, a young Eskimo boy, and his wise grandmother Aka, and the coming fate of the polar bear, as a result of the melting ice floes due to global warming. Beautifully illustrated with colorful, realistic paintings by Wendell Minor, The Last Polar Bear is a simple story with a powerful challenge. The future of such a majestic creature as the polar bear is precarious and their very survival depends on all of us. Readers young and old alike will love this sweet little book with a big message. All living things are connected, and we all need to be observant of our actions and deeds and be responsible. Our own future is at stake, not just that of the polar bear.
Author Jean Craighead George finds a gentle way to make it easier to start early in educating the youth of our planet to take responsibility and to do their part to insure the future of all creatures for generations to come, before it’s too late.
Reviewed by Laura Friedkin

The adorable bears in the well-executed artwork may spark children’s interest in the broader issues, while inducing “awww”s from young and old alike.

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